How does Spin work?

Spin is simple. Just type any prompt you’d like to do with another person. A prompt can be anything from “talk to me about my day” to “let me play you a song”. After you post a prompt, anyone can tap on it and instantly be video chatting with you. Or you can tap the prompt of another person. To spin without a prompt, just tap the Spin button on the bottom of the screen to be randomly matched.

Does Spin cost money?

Right now Spin is totally free. In the future, we may charge for special features.

Why is there a filter on my face?

By default, Spin puts a random filter on your face to protect your identity. But you can easily take it off by tapping the face icon to the right, or change it by tapping the up and down arrows.

Is Spin available on Android?

Spin is currently only available on iOS, but will be launching on Android later this year.

Can I share my Spins on social media?

Yes, just click the share button to download a Spin to your device. You can also share your Spin within the Spin feed by making it public.

Are Spins moderated?

Yes, Spin uses an advanced AI to moderate all chats for safety.

Can I filter who I spin with by geographic location?

Not currently, but you will be able to soon.

How do I make my prompts inactive so no one can call me?

Simply swipe left on any prompt and tap the icon to make your prompts inactive.