The world needs many things. But one thing it doesn’t need is another social network. No one is asking for another endless feed of content to passively consume. No one needs another reason to sit silently in a room, feeding an algorithm designed only to keep them feeding it.

We call these things social networks, but in reality they are anti-social networks. They have made the world a lonelier, less-friendly, and more divided place. Rather than speak in real time to real people about real things, we now asynchronously view distorted glimpses of performative lives, filtered of all authenticity and saturated with an agenda.

As a society, we’ve been in adolescence with these technologies, and it is time to move into maturity. It is time to design software that is actually social. It is time to fill ourselves back up with authentic interaction, rather than drain our spirit with one-way consumption.

Today we announce Spin, an app so simple it’s crazy something like it doesn’t already exist. Spin allows you to instantly have any type of real-time social interaction you’d like to have with a new person, whenever you’d like to have it. Spin is the world’s first “interaction network”.

Imagine you just got home and want someone to talk to about your day. Simply open Spin and type the prompt “Talk to me about my day”. Your prompt will be added to a feed of live prompts that anyone can tap. As soon as someone taps your prompt, you are notified and are instantly connected to them in a 1:1 video chat. Each chat is moderated by AI for safety, and by default your identity is hidden by fun AR filters that can be removed at any time.

There are infinite ways to Spin with people. Get a pick-me-up by prompting “Make me laugh” or get to know someone with “Tell me a secret.” Develop your language skills with “Speak with me in Spanish” or release your stresses with “Let me vent about something”. Have someone join you for a cocktail with “Have a drink with me” or wind you down with “Tell me a bedtime story”. Literally any type of instant social interaction you can think of can be real in just seconds.

Spin is also a great tool for creators to share their creativity to potential new fans or to create authentic interactive content. Musicians can perform, comedians can tell jokes, painters can live-paint, rappers can freestyle. Anyone can do anything — now with an on-demand audience.

So explore around, tap prompts, and write your own. Or simply click the Spin button at the bottom to start spinning with a new person without a prompt. The matching algorithm of who you spin with will get to know your preferences over time.

Spin whenever you would otherwise mindlessly scroll through social media. Have real interactions, develop real connections, and never feel lonely again.

Stop consuming, and start interacting.

Welcome to Spin.

—Max Brody, Founder & CEO (@max)